Black-Footed Ferret

Black-footed ferret

Credit: J. Michael Lockhart / USFWS

Not to be confused with its cousin the domestic ferret, the black-footed ferret has long been considered the most endangered mammal in North America. At only a foot and a half long nose to tail, the black-footed ferret’s fate is closely linked with that of the prairie dog. However, the ferret will also eat ground squirrels, mice, birds, and insects. It lives in burrows dug by prairie dogs, which also are its primary prey. A colony of prairie dogs 100 to 148 acres in size is necessary to support one ferret.

The black-footed ferret’s smaller cousin, the domestic ferret, is similar in looks, but is a totally domestic animal. Not a single wild colony of domestic ferrets exist. The domestic ferret makes an outstanding pet. If you live in California, or just want to learn about this wonderful creature, be sure to check out

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