Isn’t She Adorable? Check Out Video of Newborn Endangered Zebra

A cutie patootie zebra filly was born on Saturday at Chester Zoo in England. She is a Grevy’s zebra, an endangered species with fewer than 2,500 left in the wild.

zebra foal

The as-yet-unnamed darling baby is the first Grevy’s zebra born at the Chester Zoo in 34 years. She is also the first offspring of her parents, Nadine and Mac.

Tim Rowlands, curator of mammals at the zoo, said: “Since our female zebras arrived a few years ago we have worked very hard to breed this highly endangered species and the arrival of this foal is not only a really good achievement for us but good news for the species as a whole.” He went on to share, “She is a lively one but mum Nadine is doing a great job so far, particularly given that it’s her first – she’s certainly earning her parental stripes.”

Heroic Horse Rescues This Week

This week a handful of horses managed to get themselves into serious trouble and human heroes stepped forward to pluck them out of danger.

dixie the horse rescued from poolIn Rhode Island on a 36 degree day, a horse named Dixie — who appears to be elderly based on photos and video — fell into a neighbor’s pool. The West Greenwich Fire Department and other rescue workers responded immediately and were able to pull Dixie out of the pool about 30 minutes after she tumbled in. Veterinarian Liz Lawrence reports that Dixie will be treated for her hypothermia, but otherwise is doing very well thanks to the quick rescue work. Read the whole story.

horse rescuedMeanwhile, in Minnesota, a five year old thoroughbred gelding named Jagger was out on a trail ride when he spooked, tossed his rider, and bolted off. Searchers on the ground used every available means of transportation, on foot, on horseback, in trucks, and on snowmobiles; but Jagger had seemingly vanished. That night the weather brought a snowstorm and subzero temperatures. Two days later, a pilot was found for a search by air and Jagger was finally located with his reins tangled around a tree, unable to reach food or water. Lucky for Jagger, as forecasts call for overnight air temperatures to plummet to 20 below zero with wind chills of 20 below to 30 below. Read the whole story.

Horse rescued from pond And in Canada, an eight year old horse named Bob fell through the ice on his family’s pond. After Bob’s owners tried to pull him out themselves, neighbors and volunteer fire and rescue personnel rushed to the rescue. Ten to 12 men used ropes to basically lift Bob out of the icy water. He shows no signs of long-term damage. Read the whole story.

Today is World Spay Day!

World Spay Day

Today is the 20th Annual World Spay Day, a campaign of The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International that shines a spotlight on spay/neuter as a way to save the lives of pets, community (feral and stray) cats, and street dogs who might otherwise be put down in a shelter or killed on the street.

Getting your pet spayed or neutered can reduce the number of homeless pets killed, improve your pet’s health, reduce some undesirable behaviors, and save on the costs of pet care. Maybe you already knew that, but many people don’t know about the benefits of spay/neuter.

Here are three ways you can celebrate World Spay Day today:

Every year, millions of companion animals suffer and die in the United States and around the world. Be a part of the solution and promote spay/neuter! Make every day Spay Day!

Contents of this post courtesy of HSUS.
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