Wild Horse Stallion, Champ, Rescues a Filly from Drowning

We love animal rescue stories, and who doesn’t love it when the hero is also an animal?

Champ is a wild Mustang stallion that lives in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona with his herd. He and his family were interacting with another herd in the Salt River when one of Champ’s fillies loses her footing and starts to get washed down the river. The proud stallion came to her rescue and Becky Standridge, a Park Service volunteer, was on hand to capture the remarkable moment on film. Watch the drama unfold in this lovely photo montage.

Learn more about the Salt River wild horses:

Tiny Baby Elephant Rescued by Her Mama and Auntie

A family of elephants crosses the rain-swollen Ewaso Nyiro river in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. With the river deep, the mountain high banks and fast current aren’t even easy for adults, let alone a six-month old calf.

Watch as the baby starts to wash downstream and one of her aunties rushes to the rescue. Then the aunt and mother work together — one blocking the current and one pushing the baby — to get the small calf to safety.

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