• How many wild Bactrian camels are left in the world?
    The UK-based Wild Camel Protection Foundation (WCPF) estimates that there are only about 950 individuals of the species left in the world, with its current population trend still decreasing.
  • Where do the last wild Bactrian camels still live free?
    Wild Bactrian camels persist in some of the most remote desert locations in northern China and southern Mongolia.
  • Why are Bactrian camels going extinct? What threats are the species facing?
    Many factors threaten its survival, including habitat loss and degradation, desertification due to climate change, and hybridisation with the domestic Bactrian camel.

By understanding and appreciating these remarkable animals, we can contribute to their survival and ensure their ghostly presence continues to grace the Gobi desert for generations to come.

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