Q: What’s the deal with the gnu migration?

A: It’s a massive journey across Africa! Millions of gnus travel thousands of kilometers in search of food and water, following the rains.

Q: Who’s participating?

A: Mainly blue and black wildebeests, with millions of blues and around 18,000 blacks joining the trek.

Q: Where do they start?

A: Blues kick things off in Tanzania’s Serengeti, while blacks start in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Q: How far do they go?

A: Blues win the distance game, traveling around 3,000 kilometers! Blacks manage a respectable 1,000 kilometers.

Q: What’s it like?

A: Imagine a river of hooves! Calving season brings adorable newborns, while river crossings turn into dramatic battles against crocodiles.

Q: Why do they do it?

A: It’s all about finding food and water! Following the rains ensures fresh grazing and reliable watering holes.

Q: Is it in danger?

A: Sadly, yes. Habitat loss, poaching, and climate change threaten this amazing spectacle.

Q: Can I see it?

A: Absolutely! Documentaries, travel blogs, and even trips to Africa can bring you closer to this natural wonder.