Leaping lizards, er, ferrets! AnimalPages is transferring over to this new look, design, and format!

Credit: J. Michael Lockhart / USFWS
Anyone who has ever had a pet ferret has seen this before. But, this isn’t a domestic ferret, this is a black-footed ferret.

Picture this: A majestic lion lounges regally on a stack of bricks, sunglasses perched on its nose. A gaggle of monkeys swing gleefully on scaffolding, tools scattered at their feet. A determined-looking penguin hammers away at a keyboard, tongue sticking out in concentration.

That’s basically what’s happening right here! This website is undergoing a complete dino-mite makeover. We’re busy as beavers, wrangling code like wranglers wrangle wranglers (confusing, but true!), and making sure everything runs smoother than an otter down a waterslide.

Fear not, fellow adventurers! While this digital jungle isn’t quite ready to fully explore just yet – our hamsters are running on the wheels rechecking more than 10 years(!) of content just as fast as we can – we’ve gone ahead and re-opened our virtual doors faster than a cheetah chasing lunch.

This website will be so awesome, it’ll make even a grumpy badger smile.

Stay pawsome!

(P.S. If you see a runaway squirrel with a paintbrush, please let us know.)