Rothschilds are the world’s rarest sub-species of giraffe, originating from Uganda and west central Kenya. So, it’s exciting news when one is born. Kito, who already stands six feet tall, was born just last week at the Dudley Zoo in the UK. Kito means ‘precious’ in Swahili, and that’s a fitting name for this little guy.

The zoo’s assistant curator, Richard Brown, said: “Kito’s arrival has delighted everyone at Dudley Zoo. “He spent yesterday in the internal den bonding with mum and we decided to let the pair of them out in the paddock yesterday to enjoy the fine weather.”

He added: “He’s quite a tall baby for a newborn and a very handsome chap and no doubt will fast become a favourite with visitors.”

Kito, a newborn rare Rothschild giraffe, stands six feet tall but is still dwarfed by his parents.