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All my graphics are original and free! If you use my artwork, a link back to my site is requested. Links should go to: and/or I also appreciate a quick email to let me see what you've created with my graphics (I may even give you a link back here!).

All graphics on this site are copyrighted by KattWmn Web Design. Graphics found below may be used for personal use only (ex: personal web pages, brochures). It is illegal to use my artwork to generate a profit in any way (ex: selling my artwork) without first getting written permission from me.

Theme Sets

Evening Howl

Wolf-themed set in dramatic black, blue, and white.

Original photo copyright SuperStock, Inc.
Graphics copyright
Japanese Bobtails

Cat set with options in tiger-orange and kitten-eye-blue.

Original photo copyright Ron Kimball Studios.
Graphics copyright
Autumn Wolf

Wolf-themed set in beautiful fall colors.

Original photo copyright Denver Bryan.
Graphics copyright
Poison Dart Frogs

Brightly colored set featuring poison arrow frogs.

Original photos copyright Roma Stock and Tom Brakefield.
Graphics copyright
Leaping Cheetah

Cheetah-themed set with options in teal, purple, and cheetah spots.

Original photo copyright Tom Brakefield.
Graphics copyright

Zebra-themed set with watermark background and maroon, black, and white graphics.

Original photos copyright Kiralee and McDonald Wildlife Photography.
Graphics copyright

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