Goat Milk Soap & Lotion

Goat milk is truly a pure, gentle and natural beauty aid.

Using goat milk for skin care is a tradition almost as old as humankind. From ancient near east cultures to modern European methods, goat milk has been recognized as a natural skin moisturizer and rejuvenator. The soothing and moisturizing qualities of goat milk have made it especially useful for delicate or damaged skin. Goat milk protein contains all the known and essential amino acids. It also contains vitamin A, B vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. With its natural emollients, goat milk soap and lotion can relieve dryness and restore a silky softness to the skin.

Milk soaps in general create a richer, creamier lather. They are soothing to sensitive or irritated skin. They help skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. And they also help balance the oils in your skin. What makes goat milk different is that it is naturally homogenized. Meaning it has smaller fat particles which remain suspended in solution, unlike cow milk which separates easily. Also, goat milk has more fat and less water than cow milk. This creates a wonderfully rich and moisturizing soap.

Our soaps are 100% hand made; please expect variations in color and shape. Once you use hand made goat milk soap, you won't want to go back to mass produced machine made soaps.

Do your body some good....try goat milk soap and lotion!

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