Goats on the Run!

In Issaquah, WA, this week, a herd of weed-eating goats made a great escape from their enclosure. Accompanied by their frantic livestock guardian dog – we’re picturing him as the fish in ‘Cat in the Hat’ – they had a grand run in the city streets and manicured lawns.

Seeing Both Sides of Dog Bites

A cleverly done viral video from “The Paw Man” Grant Teeboon that looks at the two sides of a dog bite on a child.

Dogs are not humans, dogs are not children, dogs do not speak English (although they may understand it), and dogs communicate through body language and the use of their teeth. We often hear about dog bites or attacks which are “unprovoked.” We are sure that many of the dogs involved would disagree with that description.

It’s up to parents to learn to read their dog’s body language and teach their children to respect all animals.

Please share this video as we all work to keep our families – including our pets – safe.

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