Black Cat Rescues!

It was a good week for black cats in tough situations.

In Oklahoma, a beloved family pet, a beautiful black cat named Bean, was thought to be lost in an apartment fire. The entire building burned to the ground, with Bean trapped inside. But, 24 hours later, she was found in the rubble of the destroyed building, alive and well!

Meanwhile, in California, another lovely black cat was spotted trapped in the center divider of the very busy and dangerous 91 freeway. Motorists had been calling animal control for days to let them know of the cat’s plight, but officers had no luck finding her. Finally, three days after the cat was first spotted, animal control officers finally found and safely caught the cat, now named Vanity. We hope Vanity finds a safe, loving, indoor, forever home soon!!

Wild Dolphin Asks Diver to Rescue Him from Fishing Line

Dolphins are one of the world’s most intelligent creatures, but they lack hands with opposable thumbs. Luckily, this wild dolphin knew where to find someone to help.

dolphin line rescue

Dive instructor Keller Laros was with a manta ray night dive tour off the Big Island of Hawai’i when a bottlenose dolphin appeared out of the dark trailing a fishing line hooked into his fin. After circling the divers, the dolphin swam over to Keller and waited patiently for him to remove the line. There is no doubt the dolphin understood and appreciated Keller’s help!

Enjoy the beautiful video from Martina Wing and MantaRaysHawaii.

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